Battleship Park

The centerpiece of Battleship Park in Mobile AL is the USS Alabama, a WW2 battleship. But there’s a lot more to see here: the WW2 submarine USS Drum, and a very nice collection of historical aircraft and armored vehicles. I spent the whole day here. Some photos from a visit:

An F-4 Phantom II gate guard

The “Alabama”. By far the biggest ship I’ve ever been on.

USS “Drum”

Sherman tank


C-47 transport

CH-21 helicopter–known as the Flying Banana

A-12, the predecessor to the SR-71

The “Alabama”


On the main deck

Catapult and crane for the battleship’s floatplane

A corridor below decks. The ship is a huge maze of hatches and hallways.

The “Alabama” was a floating city. This is the barber shop.

The loading room under one of the main turrets. The white cylindrical things are powder bags.

Ammo storage. Each shell is 16″ diameter and almost as tall as me.

Looking inside one of the main turrets.





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