Kentucky Derby Museum

OK, the only thing I know about horse-racing is “Secretariat”, probably the most famous horse since Incitatus.  😉 But here are some photos from a visit to Churchill Downs in Louisville, the site of the Kentucky Derby. Churchill Downs. The original grandstand is a National Historic Landmark. The Museum entrance is graced by the gravestone … More Kentucky Derby Museum

Louisville Science Museum

Most cities have a science museum like this one—oriented towards kids, they are mostly glorified playgrounds. For me, the attraction is the IMAX movies and the science demonstrations (electricity shows are always fun—also liquid nitrogen). Some photos from a visit to the Louisville Science Museum. The museum Midget Mustang, a homebuilt airplane based on the … More Louisville Science Museum

Louisville Zoo

Ah, there’s nothing like a nice relaxing day at the zoo.  🙂  Louisville Zoo is not very large, but it is nicely landscaped and has a nice collection of species. Alas, like many other midsize zoos, they use wire-fence enclosures, which are inexpensive and easy to maintain, but not very good for photographers. Here are … More Louisville Zoo

Frazier History Museum

Some photos from a visit to the Frazier History Museum. The museum A Prohibition-era Model T Carry Nation commemorative hatchets A hunting rifle that belonged to George Washington. Here they call these “Kentucky Long Rifles”, but as a native Pennsylvanian I object to that—they are “Pennsylvania Long Rifles”.  😉 An exhibit of props from the … More Frazier History Museum


Worldfest is held annually in Louisville KY—it features food from around the world (I had Ethiopian for lunch and Indian for dinner) as well as music and live performers. Some photos: