Monocacy Battlefield

In 1864, the Confederates made a desperate attempt to march on Washington DC, hoping to force a political settlement to the war. They were met by Union forces at Monocacy, just a short distance from the capitol. The Union forces were forced to withdraw, but they had succeeded in delaying the Confederates long enough for troops to be moved into Washington, and the Confederates retreated back to Virginia.

Some photos from the battlefield.

The park

Monuments at the initial Confederate lines

Near the visitors center

Artifacts in the museum

A park ranger explains how the battle unfolded

An overview of the battlefield from the Confederate position. The line of trees behind the farmhouses is the Monocacy River, where the Federals were.

The Confederates advanced to take the farmhouses, but were then stalled.

The Federals formed a defensive position around this railroad junction and a nearby bridge

The Confederates crossed the river further upstream and attacked, but were repulsed for several hours. As night fell, the Federals withdrew.

A hawk flies by


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