Monmouth Battlefield

The battle at Monmouth took place as the British Army, having abandoned Philadelphia, was moving towards New York.  Washington sent a small detachment under General Lee to harrass the British rearguard as it marched. Things got out of hand, a full-scale battle erupted, and Lee’s troops broke and ran. Washington rallied them, formed a defensive position, and began a four-hour long artillery duel. At nightfall the British withdrew.

Some photos from the battlefield.

The Visitors Center

The museum

Monument to von Steuben

An overview of the battlefield: looking from the British positions towards Combs Hill, where the American artillery was located and where the Visitors Center currently stands.

Much of the fighting took place here, along a hedgerow fence near an apple orchard

“Molly Pitcher”.  The day was hot, and the wife of one of the colonial gunners was bringing pitchers of water for the men when her husband was hit, so she took over his place at the gun.

A damselfly resting on some mushrooms




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