Trenton NJ

Since it was raining yesterday I didn’t get much chance to walk around the city. Trenton is…. well…. let’s just say that I’ve visited nicer cities.  But there’s some Revolutionary War history here to see, and the state museum is pretty nice. So here are some photos.

State Capitol

Battle of Trenton Monument. Washington’s troops attacked up this hill to where the Hessians were encamped at the top.

Excavated site of a colonial iron works

The NJ State Museum

Civil War flag of the 23rd New Jersey Regiment, known as the “Yahoos”.

Lenape native clay pipe

When the Disney TV series “Davey Crockett” became a monster hit, a company in NJ got the coveted rights to make the licensed lunchboxes. But when they put Kit Carson (a non-Disney character) on the other side, Disney cancelled their contract, and the company went bankrupt.

Fossil crocodile. Yes, 15 million years ago New Jersey was tropical and had crocodiles.

A reconstructed pair of Dryptosaurus skeletons, a species known only from a single fossil found in NJ

A Civil War era checkers set. Blue vs Gray.

1876 Centennial commemorative Washington vase



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