Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences


I’ve been to the Franklin Institute in Philly a lot of times, from way back when I was a kid. But I never went right across the street to the Academy of Sciences Museum. This was Edward Drinker Cope’s home base back during the Bone Wars, and his specimens still make up a lot of the Academy’s collection.

Some photos from a visit.

An Elasmosaurus stretches over the admissions desk

Big dinosaur, little girl

T rex



Hadrosaurus–the first dinosaur skeleton found in the US, in New Jersey in the 1850s

Part of Cope’s preserved fish collection

Taxidermy hall

The flag carried by polar explorer Robert Peary to Greenland, in an expedition sponsored by the Academy

A cannon from Captain Cook’s ship “Endeavor”, recovered from the wreck by the Academy

Egyptian mummy. From the inscription, we know it is the priestess Petiese

Just a few blocks from the museum is Philadelphia’s Chinatown





2 thoughts on “Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences

  1. There’s a couple of revolutionary war battlefields I wanna see, and it’s easier logistically to get to them if I establish a base camp in New Jersey. So I’ll be slipping across the river for a few days before heading on down to Baltimore.

    If I had planned things out better, i woulda stopped at them on the way down to Philly. Oh well. 🙂

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