War of 1812 Museum

The War of 1812 has been virtually forgotten in the US–probably because we don’t like to celebrate wars we didn’t win. But there was a major battle here in Plattsburgh back in 1814, commemorated by a small museum near the lake.

Right next door to the War of 1812 Museum is a park commemorating the former SAC base at Plattsburgh.

Some photos:

The museum

Inside the museum

Map of the Battle of Plattsburgh. Most of the action happened offshore in Lake Champlain, where an American fleet defeated a larger British fleet. There was some minor fighting on land inside the town.

Reconstructed cabin from the American camp at Plattsburgh.

Some artifacts recovered from the campsite.

A model of the American flagship, USS Saratoga

Memorial in the park commemorating the SAC AFB.

B-47 nuclear bomber

FB-111 fighter-bomber



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