Fort Ticonderoga

Well, since it finally stopped raining, i was able to spend the day at Fort Ticonderoga. Built in 1755 by the French, the Fort was captured by the british in the French and Indian War. In 1775, it was taken from the Brits by Ethan Allen at the start of the revolutionary War, was captured by the British in 1777, then evacuated when Burgoyne surrendered at Saratoga. In the War of 1812, the British tried to take it but were defeated in a naval battle on Lake Champlain.

Today the Fort has historical re-enactors and a museum.

Some photos from a visit:

Inside the museum

The outer walls

One of the cannon bastions

Cannon battery overlooking Lake Champlain


Musket-firing demonstration


Overlooking the parade ground

Cooking lunch

Woodworkers making beams

Fife and drum corps. They used particular drum beats as battlefield orders.





One thought on “Fort Ticonderoga

  1. The visit also gave me a chance to test out the new camera. Overall, it’s pretty good, but I liked the old one better.

    One particular thing I don’t like about the Coolpix is that the “video” button is located right where my thumb rests, so it’s easy to accidentally hit the button and inadvertantly start recording video.

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