Navy Submarine Museum

This was a nice day trip from Boston over to Groton CT. Alas, the weather was not terrific (it’s been cloudy and drizzly here for a couple days now.) But it’s a very nice museum with some cool things on display.

Some photos:

The museum

Japanese WW2 Type A midget submarine

X-1, an American midget sub from the 1950s

The sail from the nuclear missile submarine USS George Washington

Sail from Navy deep-sea research submarine NR-1

A reproduction of “Bushnell’s Turtle”–the first submarine


Polaris missile

USS Nautilus, the first nuclear-powered sub

On board the Nautilus

Forward torpedo room

Navigation room

Command bridge

Crew bunks



3 thoughts on “Navy Submarine Museum

  1. I had a bit of an adventure getting there……. I turned into what I thought was the museum parking lot, only to find that (1) it was the front gate for the New London Nuclear Submarine Base, (2) I couldn’t turn around to get back out, and (3) they do not welcome visitors there.

    So I was met by two nice guys holding M-4 rifles, who checked my ID and then escorted me out through a side gate, which I presume is there for the sole purpose of releasing wayward tourists.


  2. Enjoyed seeing the first submarine, but your encounter at the gate made me smile. Sometimes it’s fun to be a wayward tourist and encounter something surprising.

  3. Bev: I can laugh at it now, but the sight of people running towards me with guns was certainly enough to get my heart beating faster. 🙂

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