Imagination Station Science Museum

This is a nice science museum for kids, located downtown. Some photos from a visit:

The museum is located alongside the Maumee River

The museum contains hands-on activities that illustrate principles of science

Welcome to Pangaea. Life-size animatronic dinosaurs.


Velociraptor skull

An exothermic chemical reaction

Fun with liquid nitrogen

The ultimate player-piano

Aerial bicycle





3 thoughts on “Imagination Station Science Museum

  1. You are getting close to my territory now. Imagination Station in Toledo is very similar to COSI in Columbus. I haven’t been there for a couple years. About time to return.

  2. Bev: I visited COSI when I was in Columbus, a couple years ago. 🙂

    In Tampa we have MOSI, the Museum of Science and industry.

    I’ll only be in Toledo a few more days though. I have to get to Pennsylvania to have the annual inspections done on the van.

  3. Glad you have stopped at COSI. You’re certainly having a wonderful adventure and have documented it well. Thanks for sharing and have a safe trip to PA.

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