Battle of Westport

When one thinks of Civil War battles, one thinks of Virginia or Tennessee–one doesn’t think of Missouri or Kansas. But the Battle of Westport, fought in what is now part of Kansas City, was one of the pivotal battles of the war. By 1864, the Confederacy was in deep trouble. They had lost key battles … More Battle of Westport

Lakeside Nature Center

This was a nice place to spend the day. Inside, there is a display of local wildlife: outside, there are miles of nature trails. Some photos: The nature center Albino garter snake Rehabbed Mississippi Kite–he can’t fly Tiger Salamander. What an adorable little guy. Great Blue Heron outside at the pond Woodpecker–not sure which species … More Lakeside Nature Center

My Van Interior

Someone in another forum asked to see some shots of the interior setup of my camper van. I haven’t really done that before because my setup is so basic and minimalist that there’s really not much to see–my van is designed for functionality, not for aesthetics. But OK, here are a couple photos: Looking from … More My Van Interior

Pompeii Exhibit

The Union Station Center in KC has a traveling exhibit from Italy with artifacts from Pompeii. Some photos: The exhibit Mosaic floor with head of Medusa Statuette of Minerva Glassware Wall fresco Cookware A cache of 21 silver coins Theater mask A plate full of pears, carbonized by the eruption Gladiator’s helmet Statue of Emperor … More Pompeii Exhibit