An Odd Morning…

Well, I had a strange happening this morning.

After I got up and climbed into the front cab to move the van to a new parking spot for the day, I noticed a cop car parked right by me. Then, I saw a car next to him that was sitting at an angle with the side front all smashed up and bumper hanging.

Apparently, somebody hit it in the parking lot and then took off.

When the cop saw me, he came over and asked me if I’d seen anything (there are always several RVs and vans in this Walmart every night, so he must have known that I was overnighting). Alas, I must have slept through it all and never heard a thing.



One thought on “An Odd Morning…

  1. Both sides of my van, on the bottom behind the rear wheels has been pushed in by careless people trying to park. Not one of them stopped or left a note or anything. Repaired both sides several times, before I just gave up and let them stay that way…

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