My Van Interior

Someone in another forum asked to see some shots of the interior setup of my camper van. I haven’t really done that before because my setup is so basic and minimalist that there’s really not much to see–my van is designed for functionality, not for aesthetics. But OK, here are a couple photos:

Looking from inside towards the front cab. The windows on the cargo bulkhead are covered with cardboard for stealth–it prevents light from leaking out at night and telling people I am inside. The shelves on the left hold storage bins and my little hand-cranked washing machine.

Looking towards the back. The black object at the left front is my battery box and inverter, where I plug things into my solar panel system (the solar panel is outside on the roof), and my clothing hangs on hooks along the wall at left. My sleeping cot with sleeping bag lies along the wall at right,and underneath that is my cooler/nanofridge and my Lady Jane camping toilet. At the back is another set of shelves with storage–it holds my food supply and my cooking utensils/stove. I left the walls “as is”–many people put insulation over them and cover that with plywood panels, but  I don’t really need insulation so I left it out. The bucket at left rear is my sink, consisting of a stainless steel mixing bowl with a drainpipe added. That will be changing soon–I will be replacing the sink bucket and shelves with a plastic “fish cleaning sink”, with a countertop, molded plastic sink basin, and storage space underneath.

And that is Ziggy The Snail Shell, my happy little home on wheels.  🙂


2 thoughts on “My Van Interior

  1. I’ve searched your previous postings and cannot find any information you may have given about your cot. Would you mind sharing that info? Thanks.

  2. Lynne– It’s just a cheap foldable cot that I got in the Walmart.Mostly I got it so I could store things under it and free up some space to put in the fish-cleaning sink.

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