Kansas Museum of History

Every state capitol seems to have its history museum. This is one of the nicer ones that I’ve been in.

Some photos.

The museum

Inside the museum

An airplane built by aviator AK Longren in 1914

Gravestone of one of the people killed in the raid on Lawrence in 1854: Kansas was at the time a battleground between pro and anti slavery groups. A proslavery group attacked the town and killed 150 political opponents.

Pair of boots owned by General George Custer

Locomotive from the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad. The railways opened up the West for settlement.

Artifacts from the Harvey Houses. These were America’s first national chain of restaurants, which opened at locations near railroad stations all over the country.

TV Camera from station WIBW, which began broadcasting in 1954.

Radio Shack TRS-80, one of the first personal computers

A 1964 campaign button for Barry Goldwater. It produced a Democratic party response that said, “In your guts, you know he’s nuts”.

A Southern Cheyenne bow wrapped with sinew and covered with rattlesnake skin



5 thoughts on “Kansas Museum of History

  1. We had one of those TRS-80 computers when I was in high school, but ours didn’t have a floppy drive–it came with a tape recorder, and you had to type your programs in by hand and save them to tape.

  2. Yo es muy cansado y perezoso todo dia. Tu blog es muy interesante y ayudo. Conserves mas.

  3. Hi Lenny – Some of the information on the Lawrence, Kansas raid is misleading… There was no attack in 1854 – that was the year that Lawrence was founded. David Buffum (the man with the gravestone) and one other anti-slavery man were killed in attacks in 1856 – it was these killings that led anti-slavery zealot John Brown to gather up his kin and kill 5 pro-slavery men at Pottawatomie Creek, Kansas later that year. The massacre that killed 164 civilians in the town took place in 1863 when the town was sacked by Quantrill’s Raiders.

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