Kansas Historical Society

Well, I went to visit the Kansas Museum of History today only to find that it isn’t open on Mondays. Doh! But the Kansas Historical Society grounds are right next to it, so I spent the afternoon walking around there. The site has a couple historic buildings and several miles of nature trails.

Some photos.

The Potawatomie Baptist Manual labor Training School. A boarding school for children of Potawatomie Native Americans, forcibly relocated here from New England, designed to teach Native children to become farmers.

The Sach School. Opened in 1877, closed in 1956. It was relocated here and restored to its 1910 configuration.

The nature trail

Prairie grass

The grass is a good habitat for grasshoppers–Kansas has over 100 different species

Remnants from a controlled burn. Grassfires clear out the dead leaves and open up the field to sunlight.

Indiana Jones style rope bridge over the river

A Robin watches me

A small “oxbow” pond

A resident Bullfrog






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