45th Infantry Division Museum

I’ve seen lots of air museums around the country, but I don’t often get to see a tank/armor/artillery museum.

Some photos from the 45th Division Museum.

Alas, I didn’t know that the museum building is closed on Mondays. But that’s OK, because……

All the cool stuff is outside anyway.  🙂

“Deuce and a half” utility truck from WW2

MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) from the Cold War

DUKW “Duck” WW2 amphibious vehicle

French 75mm Field Gun. Used heavily in WW1, it was the first recoil-absorbing artillery piece.

M4 Sherman tank, WW2

M113 Armored Personnel Carrier, used heavily in Vietnam

Honest John tactical nuclear missile

M42 Duster, twin 40mm antiaircraft gun from the early Cold War

M56 Scorpion tank destroyer, Cold War

M47 Patton tank, Cold War

Nuclear-capable 8-inch artillery, Cold War

Two Soviet antiaircraft guns, WW2. They were captured by the Germans and re-bored to fit German shells, then captured by Americans at the end of the war.


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