Greetings From Oklahoma City

There were some mofo thunderstorms the entire way during the six-hour drive here from Louisiana, and I heard on the news that Shreveport had lots of flooding just after I left. But today the sun is out, the birdies are singing, and while it’s a bit cooler here than it was in Shreveport, it’s still a nice day out.  🙂

I have some housekeeping things to do today, but tomorrow I’ll begin touring. There are some cool things to see here.


3 thoughts on “Greetings From Oklahoma City

  1. With the AFB’s, are there some interesting aviation sites?

    (Driving through OK in 2001, I saw an old Lockheed 1011 Tristar fuselage just sitting in a field along the Interstate. Kind of surreal.)

  2. I know there is at least one air museum in OKC ……

    PS: Just before I left Shreveport I found out that there’s an air show at Barksdale AFB there this weekend. Alas, I could not stay, since I have mail coming to me at OKC that I need to do my taxes before the 18th……..

  3. Spent the afternoon today at the Oklahoma City bombing memorial (it’s just down the block from the bus center). Photos will go up tomorrow……

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