USS Kidd

The USS Kidd is a Fletcher-class destroyer that served in the Pacific during the Second World War and then in Korea. She is now a museum ship, restored to her 1945 configuration. There were 175 Fletcher-class DD’s built during the war.

Here are some photos from a visit.

The USS Kidd, drydocked next to the Mississippi River. Only 375 feet long, destroyers were known as “tin cans”.

Although the Kidd was named after a Rear Admiral who had been killed at Pearl Harbor, the crew adopted the pirate Captain Kidd as its mascot

5-inch gun turrets. These could be used as anti-aircraft guns, for shore bombardment, or against other ships.

The gun breech inside the turret

Ammunition magazine below the turret

The main deck

The Combat Information Center

The bridge

40mm anti-aircraft gun

20mm antiaircraft gun. Though destroyers were small ships, they packed a lot of firepower.

Depth-charge racks on deck. Used against enemy submarines.

Torpedo tubes. Used against enemy surface ships.

Crew bunks below deck


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