Frontiers of Flight Museum

The Frontiers of Flight Museum is located on the grounds of Dallas’s Love Field. It has a very nice collection, including a few things I had not seen before. So here are some photos from a visit:


The museum


Huey on a stick


T-33 jet trainer, the two-seat version of the P-80 Shooting Star


Inside the museum


Apollo 7 Command Module


T-38 Talon jet trainer. What a sweet-looking bird…


Sopwith Pup


Laser 200 aerobatics plane. I love this paintjob.


Lear Fan 2100


China from the Hindenburg


Curtiss Jenny


V-173 Flying Pancake


Pitts S-2B aerobatic plane


Experimental XQM-93A





8 thoughts on “Frontiers of Flight Museum

  1. Wow. Some real rarities. I thought Air&Space had that Flapjack prototype. The LearFan is really cool, too.

  2. The T-38 always makes my list of “the five best-looking airplanes ever”. Of course, there are probably 20 airplanes in my list of “five best-looking airplanes ever”.

  3. I saw the Thunderbirds in 1981, when they were flying Talons. Tragically, several of them were killed just a couple months later when the lead pilot had an elevator malfunction (istr), and the rest of the formation followed him into the Nevada desert floor. The AF suspended the whole demo team program awhile, then returned with new guidelines. I think that’s also when they changed to F16’s…might be misremembering that by a year, though.

    Yeah, the T38 is really a sleek aircraft. You know there are a few in civvy hands, right? ;>)

  4. Wow — what monsters. Close formation in “flying bricks” must’ve been nuts. By the time I first saw them (there used to be a big annual airshow here at the former Donaldson AFB, now an av-intensive industrial park, and the two big demo teams would alternate years), they were in A4’s.

    Trying to remember: didn’t the Thunderbirds also fly F-4’s? And, briefly, F-105’s?

    This conversation is bringing more weirdness to mind. istr reading that, at some point, the two solo Blue Angels pilots flew the F7U Cutlass.

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