Dallas Heritage Village

I like museums like this: the Heritage Village is a collection of old historic buildings from the area that have been dismantled, moved here to the site of the old city park, and reassembled as a display.

Some photos from an afternoon at the Village.


Heritage Village


“Shotgun House”, 1906. These small wood-frame houses, usually built in rows, were common in working class neighborhoods.


According to myth, the name “shotgun house” comes from the ability to shoot an intruder from either end of the house. In reality, it was because of the “shotgun breeze” that flowed through the two open doorways to cool the place in summer.


Worth Hotel, 1904


Inside one of the Hotel rooms


Doctor’s office, 1890. Back when they still made house calls.


The examination/operating room


Carriage House, 1910. First used for mule buggies, later for those newfangled horseless carriages


Renner School, 1888. Grades 1-9 were downstairs, the “high school” was upstairs


Inside the school


Gano Log House, 1845. Originally built as a log cabin and later expanded


The original logs remain inside


Miller Cabin, 1847


Railroad Depot, 1886. Dallas was just a cowtown in the middle of nowhere until the railroads came in. This depot was built for the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad Line.


The Alamo Saloon, 1904. At this time, Dallas had one saloon for every 200 residents.





One thought on “Dallas Heritage Village

  1. Shotgun house is a term often used with a certain amount of derision (or sympathy, at least), but they’re still bigger than today’s trendy, expensive “tiny houses.”

    “Coming around again”, as the lady sang.

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