Downtown Aquarium

Located right in downtown Houston, the Aquarium has a nice exhibit of fish as well as some reptiles/amphibians and, for some odd reason, white tigers. I had a great time here.

Some photos.


The Aquarium


Inside the Aquarium


A Large-Mouth Bass examines me


Tiger Salamander. Is that not the most adorable little face ever?


Three-Stripe Damselfish. Just a few inches long, but these pugnacious little dudes will drive even much larger fish away from their hidey-hole.


Yellow and Blueback Fusilier Fish


Blue Poison Dart Frog. The photo does not catch the intensity of the blue color—it’s like they carry little batteries around with them.


Arowana. A very large prehistoric-looking fish.


An immense Reticulated Python—she must be somewhere around 17-18 feet. A snake-keeper secret: since Retics are famous for being grouchy and since nobody wants to have to move a big snake like this, that slot in the floor is for sliding a clear piece of plexiglas in to shut the snake into one side of the cage while the keepers are cleaning the other side.


Upside-Down jellyfish. They have symbiotic algae living in their tentacles to manufacture food.


Blind Cave Fish. Since they live in the dark, their eyes have become covered over by scales and no longer function.


Seahorse. In Seahorses, it is the male who carries the eggs around in a pouch on his belly until they hatch.


California King Snake, with an unusual color pattern. King snakes feed mostly on other snakes, especially rattlesnakes.


Archer Fish. They hunt insect prey at the water’s edge, shooting jets of water droplets to knock it off leaves and into the water.


Wolf Eel. Not really an eel.


A Giant Clam looking at me. Yes, that blue dot in there is one of its eyes.


Stingray touch tank. That’s a Cownose Ray.


Beats me why they have white Tigers in an Aquarium, but there you go….




2 thoughts on “Downtown Aquarium

  1. Since I enjoy aquariums, don’t know how I missed this in Houston. But I too question the white tigers being there. I bet there’s an interesting story behind that. Check it out in your spare time.

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