Still Raining…….

It’s been raining steadily here for four days now, so I have just been holed up in the local mall food court. My solar panel can’t charge my battery so I have no electricity in the van, and I’m getting pretty tired of being wet all the damn time. (sigh)

Forecast says the rain is supposed to end tonight, then we get a few days of very cold weather as a polar air mass sweeps down over the country. So it likely won’t be nice out again until sometime next week.



9 thoughts on “Still Raining…….

  1. The worst stretch of weather I had was in Nashville TN. It rained for literally three weeks straight, every damn day. Finally I got so tired of it that I left a few days early for Huntsville AL–only to find that it was raining there too. So I stayed just one day to visit the Marshall Spaceflight Center, got in the van and just headed south until it stopped raining. That turned out to be Titusville FL.

  2. Alas, long periods of rain cause me lots of problems, which get worse the longer it rains. First, of course, my solar panel goes on strike, and I have no electricity. Also, the moisture buildup inside the van and the inability to roll open the windows to let the humidity out means everything inside the van gets wetter as time goes on–including my sleeping bag. Not fun. 😦

  3. I *think* I remember “snow”……… it’s the white lumpy cold stuff, right?

    The ironic thing is that I just spent three months in the desert, where it rained twice the entire time.

  4. Well, thank all the gods and goddesses, it has finally stopped raining. But it’s supposed to be cold for the week, before getting nice again next weekend.

  5. I used to have all of these problems, now I have none. No more solar panels and no more cargo van.

    Instead I charge my house battery while driving or via generator. My window van has plenty of windows that can be left open in the rain, and nice dry kerosene heat to dry everything out and keep the cold away.

    Relying on the weather is like rolling the dice, and sooner or later you always lose, and in the case of solar you lose big.

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