Arizona Science Center

Most cities have science centers like this. They are usually aimed at kids, and contain lots of kinetic displays that illustrate basic science. But they usually have some stuff for the adults too.

The museum

Inside the museum

Early motorcycle–a steam-powered velocipede made in 1883

Phoenix’s first city water pipes, made from wood planks bound with iron straps

A giant stomach. When you slide out of it, it makes a loud farting sound–which all the little kids loved.

Where babies come from

Learning about physics by laying on a bed of nails

The planets. Pluto ain’t one of them.

A sealed ecosystem in glass, with shrimps and algae

Goliath Beetles. I want one.

Behind the museum is Heritage park, containing historic houses from 1901 and 1902

And as it happened, the Phoenix Pride Rainbow Celebration was happening today in the park


4 thoughts on “Arizona Science Center

  1. “You know…velocipedes are dangerous, but just not quite deadly enough.”

    “We could always add a steam engine. Then they’d be fatal to riders _and_ innocent bystanders.”


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