Fremont Street

Before there was The Strip, there was Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. In the 40s and 50s it had so many neon lights from hotels and casinos that it became known as “Glitter Gulch”. Elvis filmed “Viva Las Vegas” here, as have a number of other TV shows and movies over the years. Today there are still casinos here, but it’s become mostly tourist shops, eateries and live music stages.


At one time, the most famous neon sign in the world


The horseman from the original Binion’s Horseshoe Casino


Pedestrian walkway


The Normandie Hotel


Fremont Casino


Container Park. All the tourist shops here are made from cargo containers.


The Golden Nugget


One-armed bandits


The Heart Attack Grill. A big fat “in your face, health food!”


4 thoughts on “Fremont Street

  1. Hah, I remember that movie. There were also movies at about the same time about a giant tarantula and a giant Gila monster. They were all rip-offs of “Them!”

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