Western Heritage Center

The Western Heritage Center is a small local history museum in downtown Billings MT. Here are some photos from a visit:


The museum is housed in the old city library


This cabin was used as a studio by the noted western artist JK Ralston. It was relocated to the museum site in 2004.


A collection of antique motorcycles


A gallery of Ralston paintings


Slot machines. Montana legalized them in 1945 to raise money for charitable organizations, but they were run mostly by front groups for profit, and were banned again in the early 50’s.


Gold record for Montana resident Chan Romero’s song “The Hippy-Hippy Shake”. It was one of the songs played by the Beatles during their gigs in Germany that put them on the road to superstardom, and has been covered by several other artists since.


A still used to make moonshine during Prohibition


A typical 1940’s kitchen


Recreated lobby of a “dude ranch” from the 1930s



Dolls made on the Crow reservation, 1890


Flag of the Northern Cheyenne Nation. The symbol represents the Morning Star.


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