Lost River Caverns

In 1883, workers setting off a charge in a limestone quarry in Hellertown PA broke their way into an underground cavern. Subsequent exploration revealed five chambers at a depth of about 100 feet. In the 1930’s the cavern was purchased from the quarry by a private owner and lighting and handrails were installed. Tours continue today.

Geologically, Lost River Caverns is very young, estimated to be around 25,000 years old.  The Caverns get their name because an underground river flows through the lowest portion, but nobody knows where the river flows from or where it goes after it exits the cave. Several attempts have been made to track it with dyes, but they were all unsuccessful.

Here are some photos from a visit to the cave.


The cave entrance


“Baby stalactites” on the ceiling



Flowstone formations


The Corn Cob


A section where part of the ceiling has collapsed


The Chapel Chamber. Weddings used to be held here.


A large section of flowstone


The Lost River


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