The Duke University Lemur Center

The Duke University Lemur Center, located near campus, keeps colonies of several different species of Madagascar Lemurs as study subjects. Lemurs are primitive primates, found only in Madagascar, all of which are All of the research is non-invasive, and centers around social interactions, physiological activities such as scent-marking, diet, and sensory acuity. There is also a captive-breeding program to produce and train Lemurs for re-release back into Madagascar (the released individuals are then tracked and studied in the wild).

 To rise money to help fund the center, there is a group of docents who give guided tours. Alas, although the project is very interesting, the facility is built for functionality and is not photographer-friendly.

But here are some photos from a recent visit.

My tour group

Inside the Nocturnal Room

The outdoors shelters

Ringtail Lemur

Crowned Lemur

Ruffed Lemur


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