The Death Bug From Hell :)

Well, I had a rather unusual encounter this morning…

Found this fellow near the entrance to the Walmart:


That would be a Giant Water Bug, Lethocerus species, floundering on the sidewalk. He was very large, and very angry. Since there’s no pond in the immediate area, I have no idea how he got here—though he is missing a few legs, so he may have been grabbed by a Gull, carried here, and then dropped, perhaps when someone interrupted the Gull’s meal, or maybe when the Bug got a good bite in and the Gull decided to look for a breakfast that didn’t fight back. These bugs bite. Hard. VERY hard. It’s how they earned the nickname “Toe-Biters”.

So, what to do……. Since he was floundering around helplessly on his back, it appeared he had been disabled to the extent that he could not get anywhere on his own. There was no readily available pond to put him in. And if I left him where he was, there were fair odds that he’d nail some curious little kid. So, I veeerrryyyy carefully maneuvered him into an empty cup, walked into the little patch of woods across the parking lot, and dropped him off. There’s not much else I could do with him. He’ll either find his way back to a watery home, or something will make breakfast out of him.


2 thoughts on “The Death Bug From Hell :)

  1. I don’t think they can–I think once they are adults they’re stuck.

    They CAN fly, but this one didn’t seem able to hold himself upright so he could unfold his wings.

    I *hope* the little dude made it somewhere safe, but alas his odds aren’t good……..

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