The Murat House

The Murat House, in Tallahassee FL, is located on the grounds of the Museum of Science and Natural History. Built in the 1820’s, it was owned by Achille Murat (Napoleon Bonaparte’s nephew) and Catherine Murat (the great-granddaughter of George Washington’s sister). The house sat on a cotton plantation known as “Bellevue”.

Here are some photos from a visit:

The Bellevue Plantation

The main house with the veranda porch

The parlor room

The bedroom

The kitchen was detached from the main house, both to keep the heat out of the living area and to protect the main house if there was a fire

The interior of the kitchen

“Cards”, which were used to unroll the cotton fibers and get them ready for spinning

The slave cabin

Interior of slave cabin

3 thoughts on “The Murat House

  1. It’s pretty upscale compared to what everyone else was living in at the time. 😉

    Even today, however, most houses in Florida, even the wealthy ones, are pretty small. Mostly because the soil here is sand, we don’t have much bedrock, and it’s hard to put up large buildings. (Big things like condos and hotels require expensive artificial foundations.)

  2. I’ve been in a couple of these southern plantation houses now in several states, and to their credit, they all do a good job of depicting slavery with brutal accuracy. They don’t sugarcoat anything.

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