The South Florida Museum

The South Florida Museum, in Bradenton, is best-known as the home of Snooty, the oldest known Manatee (born in an aquarium in 1941). But it also has a nice collection of fossils, Native American artifacts, and objects from Florida’s history.

Here are some photos from a visit.

Snooty the Manatee

Two curious Oscars keep aneye on everyone in the Aquarium.

A large collection of coprolites (fossilized poop)

“Priscilla”, the museum’s Mammoth

Seminole basket made from pine needles

Recreation of a Florida “cracker” house. The Homestead Act also applied to Florida as well as the West, and a large number of cattle ranchers moved to Florida to establish homesteads. They became known as “crackers” for the whips that they carried.

Commemorative plate from 1898: ”Remember the Maine”

Rotary press used to make pharmaceutical tablets, 1872. I used to work in a pharmaceutical factory—the process is still the same,though the presses have gotten bigger.

Pottery figure from Costa Rica

Nazca pottery

Ceremonial head-dress from the Witoto tribe, Columbia

Wayang Goleck puppet from Indonesia

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