Some Florida Critters

Some Florida critters I’ve seen in the past couple days:


Red Shouldered Hawk


Gopher Tortoise


Black Racer


Dragonfly–no idea which species


Larval Ant Lion that I dug out of the sand


A pair of Bald Eagles


Spider repairing her web


Zebra Butterfly


Loggerhead Shrike


Anhinga drying his wings


3 thoughts on “Some Florida Critters

  1. Have you ever been out into the ‘glades? On one of our early Florida family trips back in the 60’s (stayed on the beach in Ft. Myers), we took a boat excursion. I was only eight or nine, but still recall seeing some neat stuff. It was probably a lot more “Ever” back in those days, though.

  2. I’ve been all around the edges of the glades but never in them. I had planned to take an airboat ride before coming to Naples, but alas it rained all day.

  3. I’m just _barely_ old enough to remember this syndicated series…and now can’t recall if we actually took an airboat ride on that above-mentioned vacation, or if I’m just remembering the show:

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