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Lane Motor Museum, Nashville

The Lane Motor Museum, in  Nashville TN, has a collection of over 150 cars, and a few airplanes, from all over the world. Here are some photos from a visit.


The Lane Motor Museum


1977 Datsun B-210. I knew a lot of people who had one of these.


1972 Honda Vamos. Intended to compete with the Volkswagen “Thing”.


1984 Honda City Turbo. It had room in the back for …


….a foldable scooter.


1932 Helicron. Yes, that is a car with a propeller on the front.


1957 Messerschmitt KR200. The airplane manufacturer’s attempt to stay relevant after the war.


1980 SZD “Invalid Car”. Built in the USSR for wounded WW2 veterans, it had all the controls on the steering column.


1931 Mochet Velocar. A French micro-car that could either be run by a small gasoline engine or pedaled like a bicycle.  Yes, you read that right…


1992 HobbyCar B-612. Drives as a car on land, and as a boat in water.


1962 Citroen 4×4 Sahara. Designed specifically as an export car for Africa.


1928 Martin Aerodynamic car. Designed by the Martin Aircraft Company, it never went into production.


1962 Chevy Corvair. The subject of “Unsafe at Any Speed”. This is the station wagon version.


1961 Von Dutch “Rocket Car”. Built as a one-off hot-rod in Southern California, from an empty fuel drop tank from an F-86 fighter.


1952 Citroen Cogolin. No, you’re not seeing things–this car has two front ends. It was custom-made by a French rescue team so they could go up and down narrow mountain roads without having to turn around.


3 thoughts on “Lane Motor Museum, Nashville

  1. Wow. Plenty of interesting, obscure stuff. Hadn’t heard of the Vamos, and Wiki doesn’t mention that it was imported. I wonder if this example is a greymarket item.

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