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US Air Force Museum–Presidential Gallery

The US Air Force Museum, at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton OH, has a collection of aircraft used by previous Presidents (Air Force One). Here are some photos.


The “Sacred Cow”, Franklin Roosevelt’s C-54


The “Independence”, Douglas VC-118 used by President Truman


The “Columbine III”,  Lockheed Super Constellation used by President Eisenhower


Aero Commander used by President Eisenhower. The smallest of all the “Air Force One” planes.


The “2600”, the Boeing VC-137C (the Air Force version of the 707) used by Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, HW Bush, and Clinton. It became known as “Air Force One” because that is the radio callsign used by any aircraft that is carrying the President. This is the plane that took Kennedy to Dallas, took his body back to Washington, and where Lyndon Johnson was sworn in.


Beechcraft VC-6 used by LBJ.


Lockheed Jetstar used by Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan.


One thought on “US Air Force Museum–Presidential Gallery

  1. There is no actual plane named “Air Force One”–that is just the radio callsign that is assigned to any fixed-wing aircraft that is currently carrying the President–once he leaves the plane, it is no longer “Air Force One”.

    Any helicopter that the President is aboard, is “Marine One”.

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