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Carillon Historical Park, Dayton OH

Carillon Park, in Dayton, is a collection of historical buildings from the area. It also has the 1905 Wright Flyer Three on display, which was the first really practical airplane. (The park is run by the county historical society, but the Wright display is run by the National Park Service as part of the National Aviation Heritage Trail). Here are some photos.


The carillon bell tower that gives the park its name


The Carillon Brewery


The brewery makes beer and ale using authentic 1850’s technology.  It’s a great place to have lunch, and the porter beer was very good.  🙂


1905 Wright Flyer III. It is about 85% original.


The camera that took the iconic photo of the Wright brothers’ first flight in 1903


Lock Number 17 from the Miami Erie Canal. Locks were flooded and emptied to raise or lower ships.


Vintage streetcars


Huffy Bicycle, made in Dayton. This is the 1955 “Radiobike” with a built-in AM/FM radio.


1901 Lambert automobile. Before Detroit, Ohio was the center of the American auto industry.


A steam engine from the Corliss Company, in Dayton.


Early models from the National Cash Register Company in Dayton, which later became the electronics company NCR.


The CRAM, an early electronic computer from NCR


One of the first ATM machines, introduced in the 70’s by NCR.


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