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The Confederate Cemetery in Ohio

Camp Chase, just outside of Columbus OH, was used as a training camp and transfer center for the Union Army during the Civil War. As the war progressed it was turned into a POW camp for captured Confederate prisoners. During the war, over 2,000 Confederate prisoners died and were buried in the camp. Here are some photos from a visit to the Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery.


The Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery


The Memorial Arch





This may be the only place in Ohio where the Confederate Battle Flag is allowed to be displayed.


Joseph Irwin, from B Company of the 3rd Florida Infantry Regiment.


Elijah Rudd, from A Company, 2nd Battalion of the Kentucky Mounted Rifles. Behind him is William Garrett, from A Company of the 46th Georgia Infantry Regiment.


Nearly all the troopers here are Privates, with a scattering of Corporals and Sergeants, a handful of Lieutenants, and five or six Captains.


At the beginning of the war all the troops on both sides were volunteers. But towards the end of the war, the Confederacy ran short of manpower and began drafting soldiers as conscripts.


Only a small number of the gravestones have any date of death. This was the only one I saw that also had a date of birth.


Around 20 of the gravestones are for “citizens”, referring to citizens of border states like Maryland and Kentucky who were arrested and interred in camps for aiding the Confederacy.


2 thoughts on “The Confederate Cemetery in Ohio

  1. Any idea what the skull & crossbones might have to do with those Lost Cause types? Lately here in SC, I’ve noticed pirate flags being flown from pickup trucks along with the Dixie flag.

  2. I don’t know about the Jolly Rodger, but the cross on some of the Confederate gravestones is the “Southern Cross of Honor”–the same symbol the KKK goobers use on the bedsheets they wear.

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