Another Delay………

Well, I was hoping to be leaving Pittsburgh today for Ohio, but have run into another bureaucratic snafu of some sort….

The only thing I still need for the van, legally, is the registration and the license plate sticker. That arrived last weekend at my sister’s address, and she sent it over to me in Pittsburgh. But alas, it should have gotten here by now but hasn’t. So either it got lost somewhere on the way, or something has delayed it.

So, now I’m in Pittsburgh for the next few days until I find out one way or the other what the heck happened. If it turns out it got lost in the mail, I’ll have to contact the DMV to send me another one.

(sigh) Why does everything have to be a struggle? Why can’t this bureaucratic bullshit go smoothly for just ONCE…?



4 thoughts on “Another Delay………

  1. When I lived in the Netherlands, I was very impressed with their government bureaucracy: it was both friendlier and faster than any private companies there. So it can be done. Perhaps you live in the wrong country. Then again, I don’t think you’d adapt well to Dutch weather… 🙂

    Incidentally, what’s going on with your other blog? Running out of hidden histories to report on?

  2. I had a bunch of Hidden History stories stored up. Now I’m posting them week by week as I write them. 😉 There will still be at least 3-4 a week.

    South Africa had great weather. At least in the summer. 😉

  3. As I remember the weather actually wasn’t as great as it might have been during your visit, but it generally is… 🙂

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